If I Ruled The Internet

If I ruled the Internet, it would defeat the purpose. No single individual or company should be able to filter or manipulate the free-flow of information present on the Internet. The Internet and the spread of ideas should be organic and without structure or limitation. I should not have to spend money to communicate an idea. I should not have mistrust of companies like FaceBook and Google for manipulating my search results and News Feed based on what I liked yesterday. I should not have to conform to an algorithm that lacks a basic moral compass.

The Internet is for everyone; some use it for bad, others use it for good, as with most tools readily available to us, but it is up to us to ensure the integrity of the Internet as a independent platform without unnecessary rules or regulations that inhibit the average user from seeking information, challenging ideas, or digesting content.


The likelihood that everything we do on the Internet is recorded is all the more reason to let the Internet live on as a self-sustaining platform free to use and free from tyranny.

If I ruled the Internet, there wouldn’t be one in the first place.


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